Digital Illustration

As Life.Church expanded their mobile app, they sought new ways of engaging members and encouraging involvement within the church family.

  • Branding
  • Illustration
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The Challenge

Long-time client Life.Church came to Made With Future for assistance in developing various app elements – specifically some eye-popping illustrations to live in their app.

The Solution

Achievement badges and milestone rewards are common app elements, adding a richness to the UI and are proven to boost engagement. We developed a series of both to reward attendees for using the app to log attendance, serving, tithing, inviting, and more.

Bold & Bright

Each subject (Life Group, attendance, invites, etc.) is represented with a vivid, monochromatic illustration. The objects featured in each illustration were strategically chosen as symbols with universal meaning across all campuses.

Encourage Life Change

Each large step in life is filled with many smaller efforts. These encouragements help celebrate the small moments that lead to the larger life change.

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